Resident Scholarships

Mission Health System Resident Retention Scholarship Program   Mission Health System is offering two $15,000 scholarships to second-year family medicine or internal medicine residents and two $15,000 scholarships to third-year family medicine or internal medicine residents. These scholarships will be open to primary care residents nationally, but priority will be given to Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) residents. Individuals who are awarded the second-year scholarships will be given first consideration in the selection of third-year scholarships.    

Benefits of Resident Retention Scholarship Program:

  • $15,000 in scholarship funding and up to $30,000 with 2 year agreement.
  • Comparable employment pay based on recent compensation surveys.
  • Choice from multiple practice sites throughout the region.

For more information regarding the Mission Health System Resident Scholarship Program, please contact: Mission Health Physician Recruitment  Office: (828) 213-5844 Application Process   Physicians who are interested in applying for this scholarship should complete the application form and submit it by May 31 of the year prior to the scholarship academic year (for instance, May 31, 2011, for the academic year starting July 1, 2011). The following is required for application of Residency Scholarship:

  • Complete Application Form
  • Two letters of reference (one of which should be from the residency program director);
  • Two paragraphs explaining the physician's interest in the position and why Mission Health System and Mission Medical Associates should select him/her.  

A selection committee consisting of the Mission Health System Chief Medical Officer, the Mission Medical Associates Chief Executive Officer, a representative from MAHEC and one ad hoc member will review applications and make a selection by June 21 before the academic year begins. The scholarships will be awarded on or before July 1 before the academic year begins. Physicians selected for a second-year residency scholarship are not guaranteed a third-year scholarship but will be given preference.     Physician Employment Opportunities Mission Medical Associates will provide a list of practice sites available not less than six months before the physician's graduation. The scholarship winner, with guidance from the Mission Medical Associates Recruiting Team, will be scheduled for interviews with the physicians in practices he or she would like to join. The decision to offer a position to the scholarship recipient will be made jointly by Mission Medical Associates and the physician(s) at the practice site.   Physicians who receive one scholarship will have a 12 consecutive month employment commitment. Physicians who receive two (consecutive) scholarships (totally $30,000) will have a 24 consecutive month employment commitment.   This scholarship is technically an agreement to join Mission Medical Associates with an advanced signing bonus. If the physician does not accept a position with Mission Medical Associates, the physician will owe Mission Health System the amount of the scholarship. In the event that the physician leaves before completion of the commitment, the physician will owe Mission Health System the entire amount of the scholarship. In the event that a physician who received two scholarships remains employed with Mission Medical Associates for 12 months, but less than 24 months, the physician will only owe back the amount of the second scholarship ($15,000).   In exchange for the scholarship, the physician will agree to work for Mission Medical Associates for one year (per $15,000 scholarship awarded). Compensation for this year of service will not be less than the median compensation for physicians in the first two years of practice within the specialty in the most recent Physician Compensation and Production Survey produced by the Medical Group Management Association. The physician also will be eligible to receive a bonus based on the compensation per work relative value unit on the same basis as other physicians in the practice.